2016 – 2018 MEGAPOST

Hey bitchboys and losers, the Princess is back after a long break from blogging! Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t been pillaging your wallets and using you guys up, I just haven’t been posting about it because frankly I’ve been too busy! My loyal losers know how busy and hectic my schedule is with owning and running 2 businesses (start up funded by findom!), trying to get writing done and living a full and fabulous Princess life full of fun and friends. I haven’t blogged since 2015 so a quickie wrap up of 2016 would be I launched my first business! It’s a medical marijuana related startup that I won’t name because of the stalking I’ve gotten. I spent most of 2016 on it and launched it in November of 2016. It ran really successfully all through 2017 doing over a quarter million in sales!


I also had a local real time heel worship and human furniture session in 2016 that was a lot of fun. The loser had this disgusting beard he was proud of growing out so I made him shave it before I gave him the privilege to lick my heel bottoms.


2017 was one of the best years of my life! I made more money than I ever had and vacationed with friends every other month to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Playa Del Carmen twice. Here’s some pics from my trips to lurk, as you can see I spent as much time at the beach and by the pool as possible.



At the tail end of 2017 I got my dream car and also moved into my dream apartment! I got a 2017 Mercedes Benz SLC43R, it’s a black on black hardtop convertible and I love making you losers feel small while I speed past you. As for my dream downtown apartment it’s a luxury high rise corner unit penthouse with floor to ceiling windows, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I also furnished it to the tee spending a large chunk of this $30k tribute on furnishing my dream apartment with dream furniture. 



I bought a custom cloud couch, lamb fur chair, fur rugs, silk sheets, solid rose quartz bathroom accessories, a rose quartz coffee table, lucite and brass bed and chandelier. I also built a huge flower wall for my entry way. I’ll do a blog on my fabulous apartment complete with pictures in the future, so you losers can see where you can never hang out and where all your money goes. Here’s a time lapse video of me building the flower wall in my apartment before it was furnished.


I also had an EXTRA spoiled holiday season in 2017, part of my holiday gift haul can be seen below


So the success of my first business in 2017 led me to fund my second business, a beauty and skincare retailer which I spent 9 months of 2017 and 2018 working on before soft launching in May of 2018. I also went on vacation to Playa Del Carmen for the third time. The entire 4 days I was there a loser was sending me money on the hour every hour, I made a little over $4000 off of that one loser while I was on vacation, tribute screenshots below.




So that catches you up until now. Isn’t my life so much fucking better than yours? I’m richer, hotter, smarter and more successful than you and you still can’t help but go broke for me.