In 2010 I wasn’t a findomme but I was still wrapping stupid boys around my little finger and exploiting them. I had an ex boyfriend who was still in love with me long after I treated him like shit and dumped him, we’ll call him A. I was living in New Jersey at the time, it was winter and there was a blizzard that year. Roads were shut down or undrivable and on top of it all there was a gas shortage. By the second day of the blizzard the roads were cleared and drivable but there were people waiting in line for blocks at 5 in the morning trying to get gas. I knew this because I was one of those people. Instead of reaching the pump, I waited until 7:30 only to find out that the gas station was out of gas and shutting down. My tank had run dry from running the heater for hours while waiting so I barely made it home. As I went inside pissed the fuck off I got a text from A, asking how I was doing during the blizzard. Most girls would aww at the thought of a guy checking on them, I instead was immediately scheming on how I could make him bring me a tank of gas and weed to smoke through the blizzard. I told him the situation and what I wanted from him, he immediately drove over. When he got to my apartment, I didn’t let him inside. In the years that had passed since I dumped him he had become dilapidated like a junk car, his hairline had receded, he had gained weight, the only thing that had stayed the same were the old clothes he was wearing. He disgusted me. I couldn’t believe I ever dated this trash heap of a human. As I mentally assessed him in my doorway I also took the ½ ounce of weed and $500 he had brought me in addition to the tank of gas and handed him my car keys and instructed him to fuel my car in the blizzard and bring me back my keys. He muttered some shit about the strain of weed he had brought me and the spending cash he brought me, if he was expecting a thank you, he didn’t get one. He  did exactly as he was told. When he came upstairs to return the keys, I took the keys from him and shut the door in his face.

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