It had been a busy morning. My brightly encased iPhone 6+ intermittently let off vibrations to notify Me of money being made and traps catching prey as I ran My usual errands. I ended up at the hair salon, chatting to My girlfriend and the hairdresser when I received a message. It was polite, concise, yet conveying everything that needed to be conveyed – he had money, fetishes, and was serious. Without instruction he sent a deposit. I instructed him to meet Me at the mall.

I got to the mall before him, as planned. The faster you can shop, the more you can buy, so I did My pre-shopping. Straight to Neiman’s to look for lingerie. I’ve been on a L’Agent kick lately and unfortunately, they didn’t have any. So, to the shoe section I went, past the Pradas, Blahniks, and Chanel. The exact Louboutins I had been coveting, the nude patent Jamie 160 mm, were on display. Like the bratty Princess I am, I snapped a picture to let him know he would be purchasing them for Me.

Everything else inside this Neiman’s was boring Me. Colorado is a shopping desert for Me. Buyers here cater to basic girls who wear uggs, riding boots and fleece jackets, even their Neiman’s was blasé.

I headed over to Victoria’s Secret to pick out some lingerie for Me and panties for the bitch. As I finished filling the black mesh shopping bag, a tall thin figure appeared. We had previously agreed upon vanilla appearances in public so we pretended to know each other as I tried things on. I let the lucky bitch see Me in some of the lingerie he was about to blow his money on but never be able to take off. Then we picked out a pair of panties for him, pink boy shorts with frilly lace. We headed to the register where My cute bratty face grinned at the total, just under $500.

Bitch carried the bags and walked behind Me as I headed towards Neiman Marcus. I sat in a chair and asked the older shoe salesman for a 36 in the nude patent Jamie 160 mm Louboutins. He brought them out, saying they were the last pair. As I slipped them on, the salesman exclaimed that he had been waiting for Cinderella to fit into them. How apropos.

Like a good little paybitch, D pulled out his AmEx and paid for My heels.

After Neiman’s, I had a medispa appointment and he had a meeting so we made plans to meet up in the evening at the Four Seasons where he was staying. But before I let him go to his meeting, I emptied his wallet of all the cash, about $300, and made him change into his new panties. 

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