After the medispa and a trip to dispensary, I headed to the sex shop to buy some supplies for My session, on the bitch’s dime of course. I browsed the sparsely stocked sex shop, disappointed by the selection. None of the harnesses fit, so I ended up in front of the dildos and plugs, wondering what size butt plug the bitch could handle. I decided to play it safe and go small. I messaged D, telling him to pick up an enema and to take it before I get there. I also commanded him to stop and pick up more cash. I browsed paddles and settled on a small black leather one. I added a bottle of lube to the basket, paid and left to hang out with My girlfriend.

As the sun went down I bid her goodbye and headed downtown to the Four Seasons. I made sure he made arrangements to have a key waiting for Me at the desk. I valeted My car, picked up My key and made My way to the 6th floor. When I walked in, the bitch was on his hands and knees, wearing the pink panties I had left him in, in a blindfold, just as I had instructed.

I let him out of his blindfold to order room service. A seafood cobb salad, fresh berries and sparkling water for Me. Fried chicken, waffles and sweet tea for the bitch. I bathed and smoked while waiting for room service.

Room service arrived as I finished up my joint and bath. We talked as we ate. He was in town from Tokyo on business. He was some sort of venture capitalist, exploring the booming marijuana industry. Interest in America’s newest legalized vice was high overseas.

Once I was full, I commanded him to bend over the bed. I pulled the butt plug out of its packaging and poured lube all over it. He said he landscaped his pussy for Me. I pulled down the pink lace panties and penetrated him. He had landscaped. His hole, albeit kinda dark was hairless. Now that the bitch was plugged I decided it was time to change out of the bathrobe and into some of the Victoria’s Secret he bought me earlier in the day. I commanded him to get out the cash I had instructed him to take out of the ATM. I kneeled on the bed and counted the cash, he sat on the floor and looked up at My perfect ass and wanked.

He came quickly. As expected. They never last long when they’re staring at My ass. As he cleaned himself up I told him I wanted to go online shopping, he would’ve said yes to anything at that point. I filled up My L’Agent cart to the brim. At around $800 he began to sweat, I finally stopped at around $1150. On my way out, I charged valet service to his room and left the valet guy a $20. A week later, 2 packages arrived.

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